Background Information about our Awards

The Stafford Award is named for former U.S. Senator Robert Stafford of Vermont, for his concern for the environment and efforts to strengthen federal highway beautification laws. Previous recipients include Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Governor Pete Wilson of California, Senator John Chafee of Rhode Island, and U.S. Transportation Secretary Federico Pena.

The Taking the Long View Award is inspired by Scenic America’s white paper, Taking the Long View.

The Founders Awards were given to honor Scenic America’s influential founders: Ruth Becker, Charles Floyd, and Marion Fuller Brown.

The Lifetime Scenic Visionary Award is given for lifelong dedication to scenic beauty, and making a lasting impact on scenic beauty through efforts such as billboard reduction, increasing green spaces, and other civic enhancements.

The Clear Vision Award is given for success in combating visual pollution through the reduction of billboard blight.