2020-21 Annual Report

Scenic America’s 2020-21 Annual Report outlines the year’s most significant accomplishments, including:

  • Securing $16 million in dedicated funding for our nation’s most significant roadways —the program’s first funding in nine years. At the time of this writing, Congress has allocated $64 million in funding for the program for four years beginning in FY23 in the highway bill. We will continue to fight for even more.
  • Advocating to ensure that both the House and Senate versions of the surface transportation reauthorization bill include other key legislative priorities: allowing communities to use federal funds to support utility undergrounding and increasing funding for programs for gateway communities located just outside of national parks and other public lands.
  • Celebrating the Federal Highway Administration’s announcement of 15 newly designated All-American Roads and 34 new National Scenic Byways, for which we earned widespread national media coverage and drove strong web traffic.
  • Partnering with supporters, chapters, and affiliates nationwide—from San Jose to Utah to Providence—to help fight the spread of billboard blight on the local level.  
  • Launching interactive educational games on the Agents of Discovery platform to teach students about scenic conservation, both in classrooms and at home.

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2019-20 Annual Report

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