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Billboards vs. democracy -- How billboard companies override your vote:Billboards vs Democracy Are digital billboards coming to Seattle? A look at the evidence:
Pike Place

Signs and metaphors -- A look at the city of Stockton, CA:Signs and metaphors

Crimes against nature -- The industry's practice of tree-cutting around billboards:

Tree cutting still

Where it all began -- billboards in the Pacific Northwest:Seattle skyline

The Battle of Tacoma, WA -- where Clear Channel wants to install digital billboards
Tacoma screencap

Revolution in Rapid City -- citizens vote to
limit new billboards:Rapid_City

Before/after photos of the Clean City Law in São Paulo, Brazil:


Trash in the Sky
-- how a huge digital billboard impacts a neighborhood:

The Mary Tracy Story -- how one woman took on the billboard bullies and won:


A Scenic America Visual Essay on urban sign pollution:


Take a look at what this actual digital billboard in Paris, Texas can do:


  • Billboard Fact Sheet available
    March 19, 2014 
    Nearly every day Scenic America gets calls from citizens desperately seeking help dealing with the visual pollution caused by billboards. In fact it's the most common call we receive! Download the Billboard Fact Sheet (storage/PDFs/scenic%20america...Read more »