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Billboard Fact Sheet

Nearly every day we get calls from citizens desperately seeking help dealing with the visual pollution caused by billboards.  In fact it's the most common call we receive!

Billboard Fact Sheet cover

In response we have created the Billboard Fact Sheet, a handy 4-page reference guide to basic facts and figures about roadside billboards, and we're making it available free as a PDF download:

Download the Billboard Fact Sheet 

In addition, we have a limited number of professionally-printed fact sheets available for purchase in our bookstore. These glossy versions are ideal for handing out at neighborhood gatherings, city council meetings and anywhere else that decisions are being made about how your community looks.

The Billboard Fact Sheet is not intended to be comprehensive, but rather to answer some of the more commonly asked questions about billboards and to help stimulate conversation and debate among citizens, public officials and business owners. For more in-depth information about battling billboard blight visit the billboard issue area of our website.

We hope you will find the Billboard Fact Sheet a useful tool in your efforts to combat visual pollution and make your community more scenic!