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New year sees new movement to limit digital billboards

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2013 has already seen new efforts to limit the deleterious effects of digital billboards on drivers and residents alike. 

A new study out of Sweden says digital billboards take drivers' eyes off the road for far longer than static signs, and for lengths of time that previous studies have shown greatly increase the risk of a crash.  The release of the study prompted FOX 8 in Winston-Salem, N.C. to investigate the issue, and they heard from several drivers who found that the signs grab their attention and take their eyes off the road.

Residents in California's Bay Area are saying they think the signs are "monstrosities" and too distracting.  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also picked up on the story and found that it coincided with a similar report they had done previously.  And in Washington, DC drivers also report being distracted by digital billboards, and the driver's advocacy group AAA says they oppose these kind of signs.

Meanwhile, the city council in Fayetteville, Arkansas has unanimously voted to ban digital billboards in the city, and with no opposition from the public.  Here's to hoping that more places will take their lead in 2013!