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Last Chance Landscapes

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Started in 1999, the Last Chance Landscapes program grew out of Scenic America's Most Important Scenic Byways series. From 1993 through 1996, Scenic America named a total of 70 roads as either Endangered or Outstanding scenic byways. This nomination program helped generate public interest in and support for the National Scenic Byways Program, a now thriving federal program that includes 95 National Scenic Byways and All American Roads and 49 states.

What makes a Last Chance Landscape?

A Last Chance Landscape can be a scenic vista, a swath of productive farmland, a river corridor, an historic urban neighborhood, or a village downtown. The common thread is a special setting that is locally treasured for its natural beauty or distinctive character.

A Last Chance Landscape also faces some kind of threat: residential sprawl, a commercial strip invasion, homogenous franchises, billboard blight, a new highway, inappropriately sited cell towers, ridgeline development, or other actions that could transform the landscape and destroy its scenic beauty.

A Last Chance Landscape must have a potential solution: "...if we could do X, then we could save this beautiful place, now and for future generations."

Please note that the Last Chance Landscapes program is currently inactive, but Scenic America is working to restore it in the near future. Check back here for updates.