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How to Turn a Place Around

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At the Scenic America Affiliate Workshop in April 2004, the Project for Public Spaces led 29 participants in an analysis of public open space near Barrack's Row on 8th Street, SE. The workshop focused on the close examination of three areas:
  • Eastern Market Metro Plaza including the 8th Street edge of the Metro Plaza;
  • the transit stop on 8th Street at the neighborhood park between 8th and 9th Streets on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, diagonally across the street from Metro Plaza (referred to herein as "Neighborhood Park") and the park's interior; and
  • the exterior area around the middle school between 7th and 8th Streets, SE on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.
The system of parks along Pennsylvania Avenue, SE is an important community asset. The purpose of the training workshop was to critically examine these spaces, talk to users, and envision how they might better serve both the neighborhood and enliven the gateway to the Capitol.

Participants were briefed on the history and redevelopment of the 8th Street area, as well as on the open space issues affecting the nearby intersection. Project for Public Spaces also provided instruction on the PPS methodology of place analysis

Participants came from both Scenic America's national affiliate and associate organizations, including Scenic California, Scenic Nevada, Scenic Texas, Scenic Missouri, Scenic North Carolina, Scenic Virginia, Scenic Maryland, Scenic Wisconsin, Scenic Michigan, SCRUB (Society Created to Reduce Urban Blight) in Philadelphia, and others; and various Scenic America board members and staff of Scenic America from Arkansas, Washington State, Massachusetts, etc.