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Scenic America periodically undertakes site specific projects aimed at combating scenic issues on the local and regional level. The following are some of our most recent programs.

Journey Through Hallowed Ground
The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Initiative's mission is to find a way to balance economic development and historic preservation.

Last Chance Landscapes
A Last Chance Landscape can be a scenic vista, a swath of productive farmland, a river corridor, an historic urban neighborhood, or a village downtown. The common thread is a special setting that is locally treasured for its natural beauty or distinctive character.

How to Turn a Place Around
In April 2004, the Project for Public Spaces partnered with Scenic America to lead SA Affiliates in a hands on workshop to analyze public open space in Washington, DC.

California Scenic Conservation Initiative
Scenic America and Scenic California worked together on the California Scenic Conservation Initiative. This ground breaking project focuses on scenic conservation action in three locations — Placer County, the City of Merced and the 283 mile Highway 99 corridor that winds from Bakersfield north to the Sacramento County line.

Context Sensitive Solutions Online Resource Center
Built in collaboration by Project for Public Spaces and Scenic America for the Federal Highway Administration, this online resource center is the world wide web's premiere source of information about context sensitive solutions.